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864 Watton air cadets Annual Presentation Evening at St Marys Church


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Friday 28th September saw Watton Air Cadets hold their annual presentation award evening. Tthe cadets were rewarded and recognised for all their efforts and hard work over the last year. The evening started with a short speech from the commanding officer Warrant officer Skelly. The presentation then moved onto a slide show detailing some of the activities that the cadets had taken part in over the year from RAF station visits and flying to sporting activities for the squadron and wing. The slide show then went onto show pictures of individual participating in the activities including any funny shots that had been taken.


The next stage of the evening was to promote some of the cadets; two of the corporals Batty & Blockwell were promoted to sergeants, whilst cadets Macloughlin and Grinsell were also promoted to corporal, this is in recognition on the cadet’s achievements, hard work and dedication.


The next stage of the evening was the presentation of the awards.These are awarded to reward the highest achieving cadets in each category.


The cadet who was best in exams - Cpl Healy was the top scoring cadet in the classification exams.


The Best cadet in Sports - Corporal Macloughlin who has repeatedly represented the squadron, wing and region in a variety of sporting events over the year.


Best cadet at Shooting - Cadet Westwood, who on his first attempt at shooting gained a marksman badge; this is an incredible achievement and a well-deserved trophy winner.


Most Improved Cadet - Sgt Batty for all his incredible hard work in bringing the band together and organising the routines.


Betty Wilkinson Trophy for best junior cadet - Cadets Cowles & Anscombe; this was awarded by the trophy’s namesake Betty Wilkinson and is awarded for the best new cadets. It was a joint award as the two new cadets were very dedicated and there was not much to choose between the two.


Most enthusiastic cadet - Cadet Everitt; this is awarded for the cadet who is always one of the first to volunteer and is always keen in everything they do


Best In Modelling – Sergeant Palmer; this is awarded to the cadet who has been judged to have been the best in aircraft modelling. This year for helping make a themed aircraft model to be entered into a competition.


Best NCO - Corporal Anscombe; this is awarded for the NCO who has shown that they are a valued member of the NCO team, who is also one of the first to put herself forward for any duties.


Runner up best cadet - Corporal Mcharg; this is awarded to the cadet judged to be the runner up for best overall cadet. All the cadets are considered for this award. This was awarded to Corporal Mcharg by Watton’s Mayor Paul Cooper.


Overall Best Cadet - Flight Sergeant Steven; this is awarded to recognise an outstanding contribution to the squadron. This year for Flight Sergeants Steven’s efforts to bond the squadron and build a strong NCO team to help bring on the junior cadets. Again this award was presented by Watton’s mayor Paul Cooper. The award is created from a Heads up Display from a tornado aircraft from RAF Marham and is a stunning trophy.


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