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Norfolk Churches Trust Sponsored Cycle Ride / Walk


Saturday 12th September 2020

9.00 am - 5.00 pm



The idea is to visit as many churches as you can between 9-5pm
- you can use any form of transport to get between churches
We encourage walking and cycling.

People get sponsored per church or a set amount using the attached form.
The money is sent off at the end of the event by the church coordinator and
split 50/50 between the church and Norfolk Churches Trust.

Sponsor Form     Poster

Due to Covid it is looking a little different this year. You would usually be signed in
by a volunteer at each church and offered a drink and a biscuit but this year it's
unlikely that will be able to happen. Instead the advice is to:


- bring your own pen and don't worry if there is no register

- you may find that some of the churches are not open but
there may be paperwork left outside.

- fewer churches may have people to welcome you   

- sign your own sponsor forms if no one is available.


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Take a photo to show where you have visited and send in any
good photos for a chance to win a prize!

Full details here

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