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  Lent Series

   Every Thursday 3-4pm on Zoom starting
  18th February 2021 for 6 weeks.

  We will be using the book "Being Disciples - Essentials of   the Christian Life" as the basis of this series.

  Each session is one hour, with a different leader giving a   short reflection on one of the chapters on the book and   guiding the small group discussions.

We will come together in prayer with our brothers and sisters from other churches to look at topics such as:

  • Being Disciples
  • Faith, hope and love
  • Forgiveness
  • Holiness
  • Faith in society
  • Life in the Spirit

You may like to purchase the book for a few pounds, to have on your bookshelf to refer to in the future, but we do have permission to send PDF copies of each chapter to participants.

Please contact Revd Kyla for more info and for Zoom link. To book your place, Click here.







There is a new online ministry which is coming up this Lent to give people an opportunity to have time out with spiritual guidance and direction:


Revd Deborah Hamilton Grey has been developing this ministry, and she has moved from providing residential retreats to now offering online retreats during covid.


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