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Wednesday House Group

We are a small, friendly, supportive group, who get together on a fortnightly basis to understand the meaning of the scriptures and its relevance to our lives.

Meetings start with a ‘catch up’ chat over last week’s news, followed by bible study and discussion.  We finish with a time of prayer, followed by drinks and biscuits and more chat! We share problems and successes and we laugh a lot!  We will always welcome new members.


What Our Members Say:

  • For time together to understand much more of the bible and to strengthen fellowship with other members of the church
  • It’s a time of understanding, covering all ages, to participate as much as possible in the fuller life of St. Mary’s
  • Listening and learning. A broader insight into other christian’s knowledge of scripture and the strength of their experience of their life in Christ
  • Please come, we learn a lot, its not heavy – full of warmth, love and caring in God’s love.   Its great fun and encouraging


When Do We Meet?


We meet on alternate Wednesdays at 88 Norwich Road, Watton at 2.30pm. Group host:  Ray Rodgers  01953 889047