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Healing Ministry at St Mary's

VISIONARY: because it beckons us towards the future and a glimpse of the kingdom, and the hope of the whole of creation renewed.


PROPHETIC: because it calls us to reconsider our relationships with God, each other and the world and to seek forgiveness and a new start in our lives.


DYNAMIC:because Jesus Christ is with us to the end of time: when we pray for his help, he comforts, strengthens and heals us, responding to our deepest needs.


The Church’s ministry is a continuation of the ministry of Jesus Christ.  We seek to fulfil it in the power of the same Holy Spirit who anointed Jesus at his baptism in the Jordan.  Jesus’ ministry was totally faithful and obedient to his Father. 


The gospel of the kingdom of God is the good news of healing which Jesus proclaimed. ‘Go and preach the gospel … Go and heal the sick’ summarises the commission Christ gave to his Church.  So Christians have always been called to have a special concern for those sick in mind, body and spirit. 


The Church’s ministry can be described as one of healing–the healing of ourselves, and of our relationships with God, with one another and with our environment.