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Meet the Team: Margaret Enger - Reader

About Me:

Assist and preach at Communion services and take non Communion services alone as required.  Involved in healing ministry.  Parish link for Mission to Seafarers, Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen and Barnabas Fund. Run small card making class. Organize St. Mary's recycled greetings card scheme, which has now expanded to include a few new donated hand-made and other cards.


Questions and Answers:

Q: Why do you go to church?: A: To worship God and to obey the injunction in  Hebrews Ch 10 v. 25  "Let us not give up meeting together …..let us encourage one another…"
Q: What do you find most important about being a church? A: Sharing with others in worship and intercession; learning from the Scriptures and preaching.
Q: What would you say to someone considering attending church? A: We are a friendly bunch of very ordinary people; come and see for yourself.


What is your favourite bible passage and why?

Psalm 121 and St. John's Gospel
I have always been inspired by beautiful scenery especially mountain scenery and never cease to be amazed that the God who made all that took flesh and died for me.
St. John's Gospel has been a favourite ever since I was first made to learn parts of it in prep. school.  It was one of my Greek set books when I was studying for my BD.  I would find it hard to pick out a single passage but the ones I had to learn by heart were Chapter 1 v1-14 and Chapter 10 v1-16


My Faith and More...

I grew up in a Christian family.  I am an only child.  My great grandfather and grandfather were both church wardens, and one great uncle was a Methodist local preacher.  I was confirmed at All Hallows Church, Gedling, Nottinghamshire in June 1945, a week after my 11th birthday.  In 1953 I went to King's College, London, to read theology.  After graduating I took a year out working in my father's retail pharmacy and then returned to the University of London to study for a post graduate certificate in education specialising in Religious Education and geography.  I taught RE and geography at Watford Technical High School but was not really cut out for school teaching.  I took a crash secretarial course and then worked as Personal Assistant to the Secretary of the Central Board of Finance at Church House Westminster. After a year there I worked as a temporary secretary with the Alfred Marks Bureau and enjoyed spells with such varied organizations as the Rank Organization, the National Coal Board and the RNLI, as well as a firm that imported plastic moulding materials.

I left England in 1961 to work as a  bilingual secretary for the NATO Maintenance Supply Services Agency at Châteauroux, in central France.  There I met my husband who was serving in the US Air Force.  We married legally in France and had a church wedding in England  later the same year.   Ann was born just three months before we left France for Texas.

While in Laredo I served a term as President of Protestant Women of the Chapel, a non denominational fellowship of Christian service dependants.  From Laredo Dean was posted to Peshawar, Pakistan.

Ann and I spent 15 months in England, at my mother's home, waiting for orders to join Dean.  During that time I became involved with the Mothers' Union.  Our orders for Pakistan never came; Dean converted to a remote tour and we were posted to San Antonio Texas where I was active in St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and taught a post confirmation class of teenagers. 

Our next posting was to Ickenham Middlesex where John was born and where I again became involved with the MU.  This link ended soon after we came to Watton, in November 1972, as there was no branch at St. Mary's.


I was licensed as a Reader in 1975 and have been active in that ministry ever since.  My husband died in January 1984 when John was only just 12 years old and Ann was studying at Surrey University.  I began to realize that although I was the one who had a degree my children were making me feel scientifically illiterate so I took an Open University degree chiefly in earth science.  I followed that with a full time honours degree in environmental sciences at the University of East Anglia and stayed on for a Master's degree.  I tutored earth science on the OU foundation course for two years, and taught geology at the Watton Adult Education Centre for a year.  At various times I worked as a  Tupperware dealer and as a Tri-Chem Liquid Embroidery Instructor. 

I have been a producer for Watton Country Market (formerly the WI Market) for several years, and am a volunteer at the Sue Ryder shop in Watton.

I have always enjoyed embroidery and other needlecrafts and won a needlework prize when I was just 8 years old.; cardmaking is a comparatively recent hobby which I took up about 15 years ago.  I have had an interest in languages for many years inspired first by the knowledge that I had some French forebears on both sides of the family.  Great grandma Griffiths was French and my mother's great great great grandfather was guillotined in the French revolution: his wife and baby son had a real life "Scarlet Pimpernel" escape to England.  I have an OU diploma in French and completed two OU courses in Spanish.  I can get by (just) in Italian and know how to say "Do you speak English?" and "Do you speak French?" in German but have failed to master that language despite three attempts!  I was learning Welsh (another ancestral language) when the teacher was forced to retire and the classes came to an end.  I enjoy reading especially biographies, travel  books and Westerns in English and Georges Simenon's Maigret novels in French.  I like cooking and enjoy gardening, especially growing food crops.  I prefer to enjoy the flowers other people have grown!.