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Faith Journey

A personal testimony, or faith journey, written by a member of St Mary's church community.


My earliest memories are of learning prayers at prep school (there was one about ships) and singing hymns especially “We are soldiers of Christ who is mighty to save and his banner the cross is unfurled…” I remember my grandfather giving me a prayer book (I was just 9) and insisting on using it by being taken to church. Mother took me to Matins and after that I went every week with the Curate’s daughter. I was confirmed a week after my 11th birthday. We went up in pairs to the Bishop but we were an odd number in our pew and I was sent up alone, so I got both the Bishop’s hands on my head. To my young mind it felt like a sort of ordination.

The next highlight was going to King’s college London to read theology. I went to a missionary weekend at which Canon Bewes spoke of the courage of a Christian in the face of terrorists. That was a tremendous personal challenge and major turning point.

Some years after graduating I went to work for NATO in France, being far too naïve and innocent to cope with some of the social challenges. There came a time of serious backsliding and feeling I had thrown everything away. Restoration came not through church but the actions of one individual (who late became my husband).
The next challenge came when Dean retired from active duty and I became a Reader. The last challenge came when I became directly involved in the healing ministry.


Challenges of modern life: keep your eyes on Jesus. Know your priorities, begin with him. Read the bible.