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Faith Reflections: When God Has Been There for Me

The following two 'Faith Reflectons' are just one moment in the life of two of our church community, when God has been felt most keenly.


Norwich Cathedral, 2004


When: November 2004
Where: Norwich Cathedral
Time: 11am
Event: Confirmation

I was lucky enough to be confirmed in Norwich Cathedral – it was a significant day in my faith journey. I was sat about a third of the way down the main chancel on the right hand side. I remember the experience clearly, I was surrounded by young people who were being confirmed at the same time and I felt it was the right place to be. I felt honoured to be making the journey with them.

When the time came we all made our way to the high altar and the sanctuary. All the robed clergy were in a large circle surrounding all the candidates. As I looked around me I had a strong sense of feeling safe and being at home. This was a place I wanted to stay in and be a part of.

It was one of the occasions where I was sure I wanted to make the church part of my life and who I was.


St Luke's Church, 1959

When: September 1959
Where: St Luke’s Daughter Church, St Albans
Time: Sunday evening
Event: Confirmation service

I was coming up to my 18th birthday and had wanted to be confirmed for some time. My family moved and I attended the new parish church on the first Sunday there. Coming out of the church the vicar said “Have you been confirmed”? From them I started preparation.

The Bishop was very old (or seemed so to me!) with shaking hands but as he laid his hands on my head and said the prayer I felt a burning sensation which still means something to me.

Some younger folk were confirmed at the same time and they were laughing and joking about it which concerned me. The Bishop’s address was based on Isaiah 40 “They that wait on the Lord…” which still resonates with me today. It is especially memorable to me as I was called up for National Service on the following Christmas Day.